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Dark.Souls.II-RELOADED Lucky Patcher !!TOP!!

(No) "Of course not, we have just met, after all.Sorry, I've been a bit on edge. Forget I even asked. (laughs)Ahh, but this is your lucky day.I happen to be a world-renowned travelling merchant.If you're as Unkindled as you look, you'll find many a useful thing here."

Dark.Souls.II-RELOADED Lucky Patcher

10) Download zMerge (highly recommended) or Merge Plugins. Yes, Merge Plugins is hosted in Skyrim LE sections and yes, it does work with SE absolutely fine. At the other hand, zMerge (it's a part of zEdit) works just fine with all mod managers, no just MO2 (big thank you Euphemia for once pointing me on this). You will need this if you'll make really heavy load order and reach the 255 plugins (.esp) limit. By merging mods, you can technically have almost endless amounts of mods installed, so you will be limited only by your PC specs and mods themselves (meaning no using broken/dangerous mods and not overloading your game with script-heavy mods). These tool (once again, zMerge is recommended over Merge Plugins) easily merges plugins into one .esp file, drastically decreasing the total amount of plugins and allowing you to install more and more mods. But why zMerge over Merge Plugins? Simply said, it's more powerful and will allow you to merge more easily compared to Merge Plugins tool. For A to Z simple tutorials about using zMerge or Merge Plugins, watch these tutorials here (for Zmerge) and here (for Merge Plugins). Note: But what about .esl'fying the mods? It's allegedly a cool feature, so maybe we don't need to merge mods at all anymore? There is a bit more about that - indeed, marking plugins as .esl is a new alternative way of not reaching the 255 plugins limit, but: 1) not all the same mods you can merge can be esl'fied, so sooner or later, you'll eventually need to merge mods anyway 2) esl/ified plugins have some specific bugs 3) Some other mods, especially mods with dynamic patchers (like ASIS, Bashed Patch etc) simply don't recognize .esl plugins [AT ALL], meanining that if you'll, let's say, have 200 esl plugins, and then build a Bashed Patch (which is essential for any medium-to-heavy modded game), all the changes/additions, whatever those plugins are doing, will be not present in your game with utmost chance, making them meaningless to begin with. The sooner you'll learn how to merge mods (guide provides assistance with this), the better it will be for you - moreover, as soon as you'll get the basics, you'll see there's nothing to fear at all :3 SOME mods are fine to be used as esls, and if for some of the mods/patches you're using there's no alternative asides of the esl version of its plugin - install it. The explanation/solution to this will is mentioned in the end of the guide. 076b4e4f54


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