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Five Nights At TubbyLand 3 - The End Game

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Five Nights At TubbyLand 3 - The End Game

#4: five nights at tubby land 3 : where we found out that people who don't like FNATL are idiots and should be erased form this universe. the end game is so good that it got 6 billion ****ing likes YouTube, it is the greatest end game of all time, with scott games ripped off fnatl with fnaf and fnaf 2

#1: tubbyland return :The greatest game ever made, it has amazing gameplay, visuals, music, and is amazing. It's even the first game ever made. But lot's of rip offs of FNATL were released in the future.

Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game: The third game is by far the creepiest, though. With the disturbing prototypes, The Original's absolutely twisted state, Noo-Noo having even more rows of teeth, Po looking absolutely decrepit, and PTLD-93 in general... that's just some of the stuff. It doesn't help that both Pos have their own creepy laughter when they're hunting you down.... The Night #6 Cutscene. It starts off somewhat normal with a red/yellow light covering a red background. Everything is the same for about ten seconds... Until a blood-soaked, frowning, empty Po suit appears out of nowhere. For another five seconds, it stays like that until it starts smiling at you. Then shortly after that.... SCREEEEEEEEE. Even worse is that this.... thing, is never brought up again. It only appears for this one time. And now PTLD-93's in the previous games after the Christmas updates. Merry Christmas!

He is allowed to come back after 8 months after being fired. After the seventh night, he is fired for tampering with the animatronics, exiting unprofessionally, having possibly low psychiatry, and having a bad smelling workplace. For doing overtime, he receives 20 cents. However, the trash has to be sucked up by Noo-Noo, and due to the teeth in his mouth, it kills Evan in the process. If he is caught, the animatronics simply throw him away. Employee #3 started working at Tubbyland as his younger brother, Employee #6, was fired from the place.Įvan Jameson is the protagonist that the player plays as in Five Nights at Tubbyland 2.Įvan Jameson has to watch the animatronics every night from 12 AM to 6 AM.Employee #3 was killed at the age of 17.Employee #3's personality is mostly mirrored off of TinyThyMelon, who voices the character.According to Clicky, Employee #3's "model" is just a bunch of jumbled and mashed parts with a mostly intact head.Employee #3 says that Po is his favourite in the Night 1 call.If the player touches the right wall of the Kitchen of the Custard Machine Explosion Incident minigame cutscene a secret image will appear of Employee #3's corpse leaning on Noo-Noo along with the text "GREEN EYES".In the 2nd game, Phone Guy is known to possess the Tubbybots.Employee #3 is voiced by one of the game's beta testers TinyThyMelon, who also recorded Po for the second and third game.He is killed on the player's fifth night by Noo-Noo. Not much is revealed about him in this game. It is unknown why exactly Parker decides to take the job and stay there, despite the danger.Įmployee #3 (AKA Craig) is your guide in Five Nights at Tubbyland.Įmployee #3 is the player's only ally in the game, and the main source of info on gameplay and lore in-game. He has demonstrated the ability to stay up late without getting very tired. Parker can also earn $2 for overtime, and he gets fired after the custom night for tampering with the animatronic characters. If he fails, he ends up stuffed into the Tubby Toaster by the tubbybots. If he survives all five nights, he gets $248. Parker Anderson must watch the animatronic characters from 12 AM to 6 AM in the restaurant. He is the nightguard at the Tubbyland Restaurant. Parker Anderson is the protagonist that the player plays as in Five Nights at Tubbyland. 59ce067264


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