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PCI To Serial 2 Port Controller Card Based On Altom 0359 Driver

This multiport PCI RS232 serial adapter card lets you add two RS232 (DB9) serial ports to your computer through a PCI slot, as if they were native serial ports. The dual port PCI serial card enables you to interact with serial devices, such as card readers, printers, PIN pads, and modems, at speeds of up to 115.2Kbps.

PCI To serial 2 Port controller card Based On Altom 0359 Driver

With broad OS support, including for Windows (7 and up), and Linux (2.6.x to 5.x LTS versions only), this 2 port PCI serial card is easy to integrate into mixed environments. The card comes pre-configured with a full-profile bracket, and includes optional low-profile brackets, so installation is easy regardless of the case form factor. This card is a direct replacement for PCI2S550_LP and PCI2S550.

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