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Epson Me 330 Resetter.rar !LINK!

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i have a epson 9750 that has been downgraded to version 8, but now it will not print the firmware update.exe. it says the computer is not equipped to handle the update. is there any way i can force a reinstall of the printer thanks.

unfortunately there are some international models of epson printers that never had their firmware readily available online or at least not archived anywhere. this includes many with sub-model numbers including 255, 435, 352, 442, 422, 325, 245, 345, etc.. not even the paid solutions generally offer the firmware for these models. basically if you search for your printer on google and see the top site is or or instead of the basic then you have an international model. in these cases without readily available firmware, you can still try the scratch off method i describe at the bottom of my tutorial to fix third party ink. if that fails then it may be more cost-effective just to purchase a different printer that supports firmware downgrades and third party ink.

hi jake, sorry your messages got trapped in a moderation filter last night but they are here now. the update screen you described is correct (and it should be in white text). that older firmware should also be correct and is the same version many have had success with. typically that error message indicates some other process is interfering with the printer at the time the rom is attempting to be updated. i don't think it relates to anything epson has changed, but could be a conflict between your pc and the printer due to drivers or software. my recommendation would be to try the downgrade process from a different pc or laptop, if you have one available or can have a friend bring one over. preferably one that doesn't have any epson software installed. make sure the usb cable is a printer style that runs from the back of the printer to the pc usb port. also power off the printer for a few minutes when disconnected from usb and then power it back on before connecting again to ensure no internal issue is causing it. finally, here are firmware versions that have worked for others, i guess the windows one is what you've already tried but there is a different mac version that is slightly older: windows: macos 10.13 (macbook pro 13-inch, mid 2016) 3d9ccd7d82


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