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Double Date Danger Sub Download

Piper is trying to convince Kris and Jake to allow her to go on a date with a guy named Kale. Kris refuses to allow this and Piper accuses them of only not wanting her to go on a date with Kale because his parents were unsuccessful. Henry and Jasper walk into the house, still debating over who Noelle would take on a date on Saturday. Piper then suggests that she and Kale could go on a double date with Noelle and Henry or Jasper, and Kris says yes. Piper calls Noelle and tells her to choose between Henry and Jasper to see which one she would want to go on a date with on Saturday. Noelle chooses Jasper because she liked his smile. Noelle decides to take Jasper, Piper, and Kale to a restaurant called The Basement. Henry is unhappy in the Man Cave over Noelle's decision and they then get a crime alert from a police officer. A boy was found without teeth in an alley. Henry and Ray transform into Captain Man and Kid Danger and they go to the alley. The boy cannot explain himself because he didn't have teeth. Captain Man borrows false teeth from an elderly man and he puts it in the boy's mouth. The boy says his name is Sebastian and that a girl named Noelle had asked him out on a date to a place called The Basement, the same place she had taken Jasper, Piper, and Kale. Sebastian also says she was speaking to a man named Drill Finger. Meanwhile, Jasper, Piper, and Kale have all been tied up and Noelle is revealed to be working with Drill Finger.

Double Date Danger sub download

However, when Lincoln gets home from school, a livid and heartbroken Lori informs him that he made Ronnie Anne cry, which in turn led to Bobby breaking up with her--when Lincoln expresses confusion as to why Bobby would care, Lori reveals that Ronnie Anne is Bobby's little sister, and adds that Bobby told Lori that he can't bring himself to go out with someone who's related to someone who hurt someone he's related to (in this case, his sister). Fortunately, Lori was able to arrange a double date between herself, Lincoln, Bobby and Ronnie Anne at a French/Mexican-fusion restaurant in the hopes of patching things up--Lincoln (very reluctantly) goes along with it, after Lori explains that Bobby will only get back together with her if he sees Lincoln being nice to his sister and apologizing for what he said in person. 350c69d7ab


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