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Understanding Gambling, Sports Betting, and Betting: Illustrated with Examples

In practical life, we often encounter gambling behaviors among individuals, notably including gambling in soccer tips pro  So what is gambling? How is the concept of gambling understood? Does the law regulate gambling behavior? ... This article analyzes in detail:

Table of contents:

  1. What is Gambling?

  2. What is Sports Betting?

  3. What is Betting?

  4. Is Sports Betting Gambling?

  5. Administrative Penalties for Sports Betting Behavior

  6. Criminal Liability for Sports Betting Behavior

  7. Notes on Gambling Behavior

Lawyer's advice:

  1. What is Gambling? Gambling is the act of using money or other assets to bet on predicting the outcome of an event that is about to happen or is ongoing but not yet concluded. It can also be understood as a monetary exchange based on predicting the win-loss outcome of a sports match.

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INVESTMENT COURSE Get a full set of self-study stock market materials for beginners Register for a free download of the complete set of 6 stock market documents for beginners SIGN UP NOW Gambling often involves tightly organized, large-scale operations where multiple participants engage through an intermediary entity. This entity sets conditions while acting as the intermediary to receive and pay benefits to participants based on agreed-upon terms. Any form of gambling is considered organized gambling or gambling and must be handled according to legal regulations.

  1. What is Sports Betting? Sports betting is the act of using money or other assets to bet on predicting the outcome of a football match that is about to happen or is ongoing but has not yet concluded or produced a final result.

Sports betting is a widespread phenomenon and a socially concerning issue today. This activity has led to severe consequences affecting not only participants but also their families, relatives, and society at large. Sports betting, akin to other forms of gambling, leads to financial losses (detailed analysis below).

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Example: Sports Betting

Analysis of the term sports betting - In daily life, this term is extremely common among participants in sports betting (an online gambling form based on predicting the outcome of an upcoming football match).

Bookmakers (gambling organizers) offer specific odds for a match, for example:

Match between: Liverpool vs Arsenal with odds: 1/2 over-under is 2 (1/2)

Gamblers understand this odds as follows: Liverpool giving Arsenal 1/2 means that if the match ends in a draw with any score, those betting (placing bets) on Liverpool will lose money, while those betting on Arsenal will win. Typically, the win-loss ratio is 1:1 (For example, betting 1 million on Arsenal will win 1 million, betting against Liverpool will lose 1 million). In reality, odds may vary from 1:1 depending on the match's actual development, where bookmakers adjust odds minute by minute (meaning betting 1 million on Arsenal might only yield 900 thousand if the bookmaker assesses at that moment that Liverpool is under pressure or vice versa). Similarly, over-under 2 (1/2) means betting on the total score of the match (90 minutes + stoppage time), if the total score exceeds 3 goals (2:1; 3:1... more than 2.5 goals), those betting over will win, while under 2.5 goals will win those betting under. Many other types of betting also exist:

  • The concept of "live betting" - Betting on whether a team will score in the last 15 minutes of a match?

  • Over-under corner kicks is betting on the total number of corner kicks in a match;

  • There are special bets like "Betting on which team will kick-off first"...

  • Betting on which team will win a season, which team will be relegated, betting on which coach will be sacked...

A "major bookmaker" divides into many agents (organizations or individuals) when participating in a gambling network often referred to as "bookmaking," each with different amounts, and from these small groups, brokers receive commissions (essentially commission fees). Participants in the gambling network receive a commission typically ranging from 20,000 VND to 50,000 VND per 1 million VND they collect from gamblers.

Note: Sports betting is a criminal offense at present, and many sports betting networks worth billions have been arrested recently. However, the state has also studied methods to legalize sports betting, but attempts to pass this law through parliament have been repeatedly rejected.

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BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR Japanese blood glucose meter at good price, 99% accurate LEARN MORE Recently, the Government issued Decree 06/2017/ND-CP regulating business in horse racing, dog racing, and international football betting. Those who comply with this decree are not considered to be violating the law; however, non-compliance faces the risk of criminal prosecution for gambling offenses.

Legalizing sports betting is a trend in many countries, generating revenue for the government. However, due to various reasons, especially related to public security and social issues, Vietnam still considers sports betting as a violation of administrative and criminal law, facing high risks of imprisonment when these networks are exposed and prosecuted.

  1. What is Betting? Betting is a concept widely used and familiar in developed countries like the USA, UK... They have horse racing, dog racing... and bettors can freely choose to participate (place bets). Therefore, the concept of betting can be understood as:

"Betting is making agreements with each other on whether it is possible to lose based on correctly predicting or not predicting or on challenges whether it is possible to make or not make."

Agreements made with money or goods in any form are considered organized gambling or gambling, and betting tips 1x2 app can be subject to administrative penalties or criminal prosecution as betting organizations for recreational sports such as horse racing, cockfighting, football...

According to criminal law in Vietnam (Criminal Code 2015; Criminal Code amended and supplemented in 2017), the term betting appears in two offenses:

  • Under point b, clause 2, Article 265 of the Criminal Code 2015, amended and supplemented in 2017 on the offense of organizing illegal racing, it is stipulated: "b) Organizing betting;"

  • Point e, clause 2, Article 266 of the Criminal Code 2015, amended and supplemented in 2017 on the offense of illegal racing includes the provision: "e) Participating in betting"

Thus, in Vietnam, betting behavior is subject to criminal prosecution for organizing or participating in illegal racing. Worldwide, betting behavior is diverse and extensive, not limited to racing issues.


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