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Ogle Beauty School

The requirements for Ogle School Hair Skin Nails-Stafford admission are outlined below. These requirements apply to all students who are interested in pursuing a degree at Ogle School Hair Skin Nails-Stafford. The university typically requires a high school diploma, taking SAT/ACT and passing TOEFL for international applicants.

ogle beauty school


Central Texas Beauty College is committed to delivering the highest quality training possible at a fair price, and they deliver! The tuition rate is the lowest in the state and they have a 100% State Board pass rate in all of their programs. On top of that, the school offers scholarships for deserving candidates, making the program even more affordable for those most in need. Consequently, students graduate with no accumulated loan debt whatsoever! More than half of students graduate from the program on time and on budget.

Milan offers a wide spectrum of career training programs and their emphasis is on helping students find jobs after graduation. A professional career services department helps every cosmetology program graduate find work after completing the Milan program. The school also offers a very practical business skills component in their cosmetology training program, preparing students for salon management. VA benefits are accepted.

The Texas College of Cosmetology promises to deliver students the best training of their lives, with all the latest and greatest style trends incorporated into their curriculum. The school represents tremendous value, with a below-average tuition rate and a free job placement program to help graduates find positions when they have finished their training. The school also accepts VA benefits.

Total Transformation combines two of the best possible things in a cosmetology school: state-of-the art style education and practical, no-nonsense business practices. The school incorporates the Sassoon Cutting and Colouring program in its curriculum, putting graduates a step ahead of those from other schools.

Something else that puts them ahead is the fact that TTIC graduates them on-time and with very little student loan debt. VA benefits are accepted and the school even offers some scholarships. Supporting Earth Day programs is only one way that the school maintains involvement with the local and global community! TTIC graduates fit right in to the chill but involved Austin esthetic.

Headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Ogle provides best-in-class education to students pursuing a career in the beauty industry. It opened its doors in 1973 and has expanded to nine campuses in Texas. Ogle offers a student-centered, salon-modeled education that provides exceptional training enabling real-world success.

NCK partnered with the management team and Greyrock Capital Group while leading the control buyout of Ogle in December of 2014. Throughout NCK's partnership, Ogle accomplished many goals, including generating outstanding outcomes for its students, sustaining substantial growth in students and graduates served, and earning a much-deserved reputation in its industry as one of the top providers of beauty education in the United States.

"We joined the spirited Ogle nation when we acquired the company a little over six years ago. It has been a great investment and rewarding professional experience for us and our firm. We are very proud of what the Ogle team has accomplished, and we enjoyed helping the school achieve its goals," commented NCK Co-Founder Grant Kornman.

The staff at Arlington's Ogle School Of Hair-Skin-Nails takes services to the next level, leaving you feeling like a thousand bucks. Increase your nail strength and health with a manicure and pedicure. Keep up with the latest and greatest hairstyles and schedule your next hair makeover today. There's no need to worry about squeezing an appointment into your busy schedule, this place accepts walk-ins for all beauty treatments. Don't worry about forgetting cash at home. All major credit cards are welcomed. Ogle School Of Hair-Skin-Nails is conveniently close to a parking lot. Release some of that built up tension when you head on over to Ogle School Of Hair-Skin-Nails for a beauty treatment.

Founded in 1973, Ogle, a portfolio company of NCK Capital and Greyrock Capital, operates nine campuses providing cosmetology and esthetics education throughout Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, TX. The Company differentiates itself through its unparalleled part-time and full-time programs offered to a population of approximately 2,000 future beauty professionals. The goal of the school is for students to walk away with real-world experience made possible by the on-campus student-powered salons.

This section shows cost breakdown of undergraduate degree programs at Ogle School Hair Skin Nails-Ft Worth.The data is organized by living condition and residency. Private schools usually have one tuition for both in-state and out of state students.However public institutions offer a much reduced tuition rate for in-state or in-district students.

The Ogle School is a private institution dedicated to providing beauty education for interested students. The school was founded by Shelton Ogle as an extension of his growing chain of salons. The methods utilized by the school were developed over years by Mr. Ogle through his experiences at his salons. The school was purchased in 2006 by Liberty Higher Ed. Inc., which has expanded the system to eight schools throughout the state of Texas.

The school provides students with an education in cosmetology or esthetics, and also provides instructor training for industry professionals. The faculty consists of highly trained cosmetologists who work to prepare students for employment by developing their skills and techniques. Students will also have practical training and development through the salon. Upon completion students will be able to pursue licensure and employment as beauty professionals.

The Arlington branch of Ogle School Hair Skin Nails is located at 2208 W Park Row. Around 700 students have graduated from this campus over the past few years. This campus offers services for students in the form of flexible courses for individuals who cannot make regular hours, job placement opportunities for students after graduation, and career guidance for students in need of help. You can learn more, including the school's consumer disclosures, by visiting

Once scholarships, grants and other forms of aid are calculated, the expected average cost for students at this school is $14,100. To calculate a more personalized cost visit the net price calculator. The school's financial aid department offers additional information regarding types of aid, how to apply and more. Students may contact the school by calling (817) 461-2500. The tuition and financial aid figures listed show various costs that students may encounter at Ogle School. The numbers may not be accurate due to changing factors in a given year, and are only intended to provide a guideline for students.

Students who drop out of school still have to pay back the loans they took out. This can be a double whammy for them: With large debts to pay off and no college degrees, their career options are limited and their expected earnings are lower. 041b061a72


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