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Buy Large House Plants


Buy Large House Plants

The easiest large plants to keep alive are those that require minimal light and occasional watering. A few easy large plants include the Majesty Palm, Parlor Palm, and Ficus Tree. These plants thrive in filtered light, and they need dry soil between waterings. Keep them near a window and give them water once or twice per week.

Large plants create a warm and friendly ambiance in any home. Their height, accented by big leaves, gives them a presence that cannot be accomplished by furniture, artwork, and other decor. If you are looking for a way to bring the outside in, adding large plants to your living room will do the trick.

Plants draw attention to special areas of your home. You can use a plant to draw the eye upward, toward a piece of art, or a special piece of furniture. If you have especially tall ceilings, adding large plants to your living spaces makes the space feel cozier.

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Buying indoor trees and tall indoor plants can be costly. For this reason, it is important to do some research to understand what plant suits your lifestyle and home best. It is possible to find low maintenance, low light, non-toxic and air purifying tall and large scale plants to suit your needs.

Norfolk Pines thrive is bright light conditions. They benefit from several hours of direct sunlight but do really well in bright indirect light. These plants are ideal for south facing rooms and windows.

I have had my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for 13 years. I learned that it loves to face our South facing window and soak in the direct sunlight in the mornings. These plants definitely need a lot of bright light.

My African Milk Tree standing proud by a north facing door. It has been growing slowly but consistently. These type of tall indoor plants are suitable for minimalistic homes. Succulents of this proportion bring a sculptural, yet minimalistic look to any space.

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Are you looking for a large houseplant with a length of up to 160cm We have large, top-quality indoor plants for a competitive price. Large house plants bring atmosphere to your interior and provide extra oxygen in the air. They are beautiful and green. The advantage of larger houseplants is that they are stronger than the smaller varieties. They are also easy to maintain.

The advantage of larger houseplants is that they are stronger than the smaller varieties. They are also easy to maintain. All large houseplants come directly from the grower, which is why they can be ordered online from us at a low price. This gives your interior a radiant look for little money. We have beautiful palms, these are ideal to give your room a tropical effect and large ficus plants do well in the home or office. Because houseplants have a stress-reducing effect and are good for productivity and creativity in the office. Tips for buying this houseplant. With us, you don't have to take your ceiling height into account when buying a large houseplant. All these houseplants do not reach the ceiling.

Impress with large houseplants in your living room. These houseplants are spectacular and very decorative. This green roommate gives your living room a unique and contemporary character. We therefore have a large assortment of large indoor plants online. Whether you go for a hip Monstera with its special tropical leaves, Dracena o


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