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Divorcing spouses with children are mandated to support them until the age of majority. Generally, the higher-earning parent pays child support to the other parent, who may also be the primary custodian of the child. In California, child support aims to maintain the same lifestyle of the child as was before divorce.

Child support is calculated by a statewide agreed formula that considers several factors. These factors may be unique to the situation of the child and the family court judge can cast a wide net to arrive at a child support order.

Whether you're expecting to receive child support or have been asked to pay, consult with our child support attorney Orange County. We'll ensure you receive or pay the right amount that takes care of your child's needs and is fair to the payor.

Child Support in California

California Family Code lays down the duty of every parent to support their minor children, whether they're biological offsprings or adopted. Child support is calculated by the following factors:

· The income of each parent

· Time spent by each parent with the children

· Number of children

· The child's healthcare costs

· Childcare costs

· Union dues paid by each parent

· Other discretionary factors

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Child Support Attorney in Orange County

If you're looking to obtain or modify a child support order, our child support attorneys in Orange County can help.

Call 714-733-7066 or send an email to for a free consultation with Jos Family Law.


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